Announcement on Lifting personal short-term “Fixed Value-added”
2016/12/5 18:09:08

In order to make NONCENBAO members do the "NCC fixed value-added" business more skillfully and accurately, and make members more clear know how to lift the "NCC fixed value-added", the Financial center of NONCENBAO Global Business do the following announcement about how to apply for lifting “fixed value-added" :

1, the application method: fill in the application form in the administrative department ofNONCENBAO branches or service centers of your countries;

2, process time: T +3 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays);

3, the service fee:0.5% of the amount of lifted “fixed value-added”;

4, financial settlement: according to the financial situation arising from the amount of “fixed value-added” one apply for lifting.

For more detailed information, please inquiry NONENBAO branches or service centers.

NONCENBAO Global Business Department

December 5, 2016

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